Social Security Disability Solvent for years to come

Social Security Continues to demonstrate that it is the most stable, cost effective insurance benefit in the history of the world.  The Administration has just released Briefing paper 2019-01 to analyze recent demographic trends in the Social Security Disability program, see link.

There are many inputs that affect Social Security but because of his foundation as a program for all the workers in the United States and its efficent managment it continues to maintain solvencey and provide the benefts promised dispite unforseen changes in the various inputs.  Social Security has provided the United States a strong foundation for every other aspect of out nations finacial well being, and must be understood but those in power and safeguarded. 

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Debunking Social Security Disability Myths

There has been so much disinformation about the most successful social program in our nations history, Social Security. Social Security Disability is a co-equal branch of that program, debunking the myths of fraud. Social security disability is important to maintaining this most helpful program. Following is a link to an article from the New York Times, Busting the Myths About Disability Fraud, that helps explain this.

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Posted on April 11, 2019.