The Cavanaugh Law Firm, PC, LLO has over 30 years of legal experience. We are a local firm and have offices in Omaha, Nebraska and serve all of Nebraska Wyoming, Northern Colorado, South Dakota and Western Iowa. We are experts in assisting those applying for Social Security Disability benefits.

The Social Security Disability application process can be slow, confusing and frustrating. Hiring a Social Security Disability attorney to handle your claim makes the process much easier and does not cost you a thing unless you win your case. People who hire a lawyer have greater success in obtaining disability benefits awarded to them, compared to those who proceed alone. The Social Security Disability program is primarily a disability insurance company with regulations and processes that routinely deny benefits to eligible applicants. There is a maze of paperwork, terminology and hidden pitfalls which are very difficult to navigate for the average person.

The Cavanaugh Law Firm knows that in a Social Security Disability claim, it is extremely important to have the paper work correct and complete, and talk in the bureaucratic language that the Social Security Administration requires. Our firm’s specializes in this and we pursue each case in a manner that the claimant or a general practice attorney cannot. If you have been denied benefits for Social Security Disability or have any questions regarding the program please contact our office for a FREE consultation with a Social Security Disability attorney. If you have already applied for a claim and been denied—you can still get benefits, let us take it from there. We are the local specialists and want to help you get your benefits!

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